Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I buy paper and envelopes?

You can buy paper at online paper providers such as French Paper, LCI Paper or Paper Source, at stationery and hobby stores. Basic card and paper stock from large office supply stores works just fine too.

2. What kind of printer should I use?

You can use a home printer, a copy shop or take your printable to a professional or online printer. For more information see our printing guide and paper guide. back to top Design.

For more information see our Paper and Printing Guides.


3. I like a design but want to customize it, do you do that?

Yes! Just go to our 'Add On' section to see what options are available, or contact us directly for a quote.

4. Do you to custom designs?

We're happy to customize any e.m.papers design, but we do not do bespoke/custom orders 'from scratch'.

5. I'd like to use the same fonts for my own DIY projects, where can I get them?

All of the fonts we use are license free. Most of them come from You can find them there or do an internet search using the font name. 


6. The fonts are showing up funny and words are getting cut off, what's going on?

Our PDF templates need to be opened in Adobe Acrobat only and will be not work properly in other programs like Mac Preview, etc. You can download Acrobat for free here:

7. Why do the numbers look small?

Certain types of fonts called 'old style' use numbers that display smaller than the letters. Mill Sorts Goudy, for example, is an old style font. Consider a custom order if you'd like the numbers to be larger.

8. Why isn't the font displaying correctly?

95% of the time the fonts we use will automatically embed in the PDF template, for the 5% of the time they don't you'll need to download the font and install it on your computer. See our Free Fonts page for more information on where to download.

9. Why can't I change the font size/layout/or color on my printable?

Our templates are meant to be downloaded and used 'as is'. Most of the text is editable (unless otherwise specified) but layout, colors and font sizes can only be changed via custom order.

10. I'm not sure where to cut my printable?

Cut on the short black crop lines at the corner of the design. The dashed line is provided as a visual reference only and not meant as a cut line.

11. What does 'spaced all caps' mean?

On designs where text is letter spaced, like our Monogram printable wedding invitation for example, text needs to be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS, with O N E S P A C E between each letter and two spaces between each word.

12. Why is there a little black box with '+' showing up when I enter my text?

This indicates that the template field does not have enough space for your wording. If ordering an instant download template please review the images closely and compare them to the amount of text you have. If you find that your text doesn't fit after you've downloaded the template you can order a $19 File Adjustment on our customize a wedding order page and we'll work with you to adjust the template to fit all of your wording.

13. What if my text doesn't fit into the template?

If you find that your text doesn't fit after you've downloaded the template, you can order a File Adjustment under Add Ons and we'll work with you to adjust the template to fit all of your wording, or you may want to consider ordering a customized template.


14. How will I get my printable?

After you place your order, you'll get an email with a link to your downloads (check your spam folder!) you'll be able to download your printables up to 5 times. If you placed a custom order, we'll send you the files via email directly.


15. What happens if something goes wrong with the download?

That shouldn't happen but occasionally our system has a hiccup. In this case just shoot us an email: info [at] empapers [dot] com. We can see all of the orders placed and we'll simply email you the files.