How to Make A Printable Save the Date

Our printable Save the Date cards measure 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. You can send save the dates as postcards by stamping and addressing the backside of the card, or you can send them as regular cards in an envelope.

You will need the following Supplies:

  • An X-acto blade or craft knife, with fresh blades
  • A cutting surface
  • Your selected paper stock (cardstock recommended)
  • 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inch A7 Envelopes

1. Open the file in Adobe Reader.

Only use Adobe Reader (not Mac Preview or other programs) or the file won't work properly.

2. Select the 'highlight fields' in Adobe Acrobat

How to make an e.m.papers printable Save the Date

3. Overwrite the pre-populated information in to the indicated fields.

Tool-tip text indicates what information should go where, as well as any recommended type treatments. You'll notice that you only need to alter the text in the first card, the text in the second card will automatically change as well.
How to use an e.m.papers Save the Date Printable

4. Deselect the 'Highlight Fields' option in Acrobat to look over and review your Save the Date card text.

5. Print the cards.

First print the file on scrap paper to proofread. Once you've reviewed the draft print-out and determined that everything looks good, print the cards on your chosen paper-stock.

6. Cut out the cards.

Cut along the solid crop marks in the corners.

How to cut a printable save the date card

7. Send the cards as postcards by addressing the backside or send them in envelopes.