Paper Guide

1. What kind of paper should I print my printable on?

Most of our printables should be printed on card stock, which is also sometimes called cover stock or 80 lb.+ paper. Items like our wedding seating charts, wedding programs or printable calendars can be printed on regular weight paper.

2. Where can I get the right kind of paper or card stock?

You can buy paper at online paper providers such as French Paper, LCI Paper or Paper Source, at stationery and hobby stores. Basic card and paper stock from large office supply stores works just fine too.

3. Will my printer accept card stock?

Most home printers comfortably accept 80-110 lb. stock or even heavier weights. Check your manual or buy a few sheets at a craft store and test them. If the paper goes through smoothly with no problems, it should be fine. If the card stock sticks and jams and gets through the printer with difficulty, don't push it.

4. Do I need A4 or Letter-sized templates?

If you live in the U.S. or Canada you'll need to use Letter-sized templates. If you live outside of North America (Europe, Australia, Latin America, Asia etc.) use A4 templates. These different templates correspond to standard size paper and envelopes in your region. For more detailed measurements and guidance on envelope selection, download our paper sizing guide.